About Us


Chromewell Innovative Solutions, Inc. is the umbrella corporation of StillFresh. It envisions to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the Philippine and Global market to increase the convenience of people and improve both way of life and status of living. The continuous mission is to transform conventional solutions to common problems and make it more efficient, sustainable, and reliable.

Behind the StillFresh technology is the greater vision of the company to contribute in building a healthier and stronger nation with access to technologies that promote sustainable developments in health and wellness through innovation.



StillFresh creates a standard of freshness by providing a spoilage-monitoring strip which indicates the spoilage of food through color-changing technology. 

By showing which foods can still be consumed, StillFresh enables food businesses to:

1. Reduce costs incurred from spoilage

2. Increase profits by up to 50%

3. Adopt a more efficient inventory system

4. Promote customer protection



The team behind the StillFresh technology is composed of highly-skilled and engaging leaders who share a vision of providing inclusive innovations. Having the StillFresh technology as its main venture, the team strives to put the idea of food in light of consumer health and environmental health. By working with food businesses, the team hopes to create a greater impact by reducing the health risks of consuming spoiled food and minimizing the environmental damage of throwing away good food.

 While engaging in different fields such as marketing, pharmaceutics, FMCG, technology, and education, our team endeavors to find the most accessible solutions to the greatest problems prevalent in the world today.